Download Forms

The first two forms are Excel Project Intake Forms.  You can open them to preview, but you may need to download them to use them. 

If you have them on your computer, they are handy for use early in your design process to confirm what types of wall, roof and other components will work in whichever climate zone your project is located.  The earlier you have that information, the easier it is to integrate it into your design.

When you’re ready for a fee proposal, fill them out–or update the copy you created earlier in your design process–and email it to me along with a complete .pdf set of your plans.  For additional information, see Policies and Fees.


This form is for Existing+Addition+Alteration projects.


This form is for New Residential Construction.


This form is a CEC Climate Zone .xlsx file that you can use to confirm the climate zone in which your project is located. Open it and put the zip code of the project into the search box in the lower left corner.  It too can be stored on your computer for your convenience.