Policies, Fees, Payment

Policies, Fee Structure and Payment




What I need from you for a Title 24 analysis

Title 24 compliance reports are based on information that you provide to me in the form of architectural plans, construction details and lists of equipment that will be used on your project.  It’s important that I receive accurate and complete information regarding building components involved in the Title-24 calculations. 

  • Fill out the Project Intake Form (FORMS tab) and send it to me along with a .pdf of your plans.

  • The plans need to contain the same level of information that you you would provide to the Plan Checker during Plan Check Submittal: Cover Sheet, Site plan, Demolition Plans, Floor Plans, Sections, Elevations, Door and Window Schedules, True North Arrows.

I am available for telephone consultations during the design phase of the project to answer questions and offer general input regarding design details that will affect Title 24 compliance. I can quote you an hourly rate for this. The first ½ hour is free. Payment is billed in ½ hour increments, is by PayPal and is due in advance.


Prescriptive or Performance Compliance?

I make that decision once I’ve seen a .pdf of your plans and a copy of the Project Intake Form.

If your project is an addition, at that time I will also be able to tell you whether your project will benefit from having a HERS rater verify existing conditions for any components that we might want to take a credit for upgrading.

Prescriptive package A is still used as a yardstick for the performance approach.  It’s inflexible—like baking a cake. A cake recipe has a list of ingredients; follow the instructions and you get what you get. Same with Package A.

The performance approach is much more complex (requiring a computer program), but it’s considered more flexible in terms of getting you what you want in your project design. In the Performance approach (which I mostly use), the computer first runs your project using the package A (prescriptive) default values—then compares that to the actual building you’ve designed. A good way to understand how prescriptive package A will affect your design is to look at the Project Intake Form early in your design process.  You can download it from the FORMS page. It doesn’t cover every contingency, but it’s a good place to start.



Call (619) 322-0426 to discuss your project.


Fee Structure and Time Frame


I don’t post a fee structure on my website.  I respect my competitors who do; but have you ever emailed your plans, paid your money–and then had a call that your plans are more complex than the typical job the website fee was based on–so your job is going to cost a bit more?

Or: although the website promised a specific turn-around time, they’re swamped—would a few days longer be okay?

Nothing wrong with that.  Stuff happens.  Architects, engineers and contractors can’t really post a fee per job or a fixed turn-around time for their services, because each job is unique.

Each Title 24 job is unique too, so I don’t post a fee structure on my website. When you send me the Project Intake Form and the .pdf of your plans, I’ll review them and then send you a fee proposal that’s tailored to your project, along with an invoice. 

  • The project review and fee proposal will cost $40.00; it’s due in advance. It is refunded if the conditions under ‘payment’ are met.

  • Unless you change the plans after I’ve received them, I’ll stick to that fee.

  • My fee schedule is subject to adjustment at the beginning of each calendar year.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Receipt of the fee, whether by check or electronic transfer is considered acceptance on your part of the proposal as it was sent to you.

  • When I receive payment of the fee proposal invoice, I’ll figure out where your project fits in my pipeline and I’ll contact you with an expected date that I’ll have your calculations ready.

  • Plan check corrections resulting from discrepancies in the Title 24 compliance report will be corrected at no charge.

  • Reruns due to changes by the Designer or Owner: Even seemingly minor changes may affect the calculations. If they are made after the calculations have left my office and require a re-run, the re-run is billed as spelled out in the fee proposal and is due in advance of the rerun.

  • Discrepancies due to information submitted to me will also incur additional charges if they require a rerun of the calculations.

  • You can help me keep my fees down by being clear on the design details and equipment to be used in your project prior to my running the compliance report and by providing me a complete set of plans and a Project Intake Form.

  • For an addition/alteration from from San Diego up through Orange County, if a HERS rater is needed to verify existing components so that we can take a compliance credit for upgrading them, I can arrange for one. I’ll let you know what his/her fee will be, you’ll pay me in advance and we’ll set up the site visit.

Click here to view an example of a typical fee proposal




In the past, I’ve typically begun work on receipt of a check—usually by mail. If you’d prefer to work this way, that’s great. Unfortunately, this tends to delay my starting your project. To speed things up, I’ve set up PayPal which will accept: PayPal accounts, credit cards or Venmo.

Step 1.

Send me your .pdf containing your plans.

Send me a filled-out Project Intake Form.

Click the “pay now” button to pay $40 for a fee proposal (keep reading—it’s refundable) or send me a check for $40 by mail, made out to Sosna Energy Consulting.

Insert ‘pay for fee proposal now’ button here

Step 2.

When I receive all of the above, I’ll examine your plans and your Project Intake Form, then generate a fee proposal. The fee proposal is good through the end of the calendar year. I’ll email it to you along with a separate invoice, generated through PayPal.

If I receive payment in full within 14 calendar days of sending you the invoice, I’ll credit you back the $40 via paypal and contact you with an estimated date of completion.

If I receive payment after 14 calendar days from sending you the invoice, the $40 will not be refunded and I’ll contact you with an estimated date of completion.