Sosna Architect: Title 24


Serving California since 1990





I’m David Sosna.





Company Goal

Help Design Professionals provide homeowners with safety, comfort and long-term energy savings.

Respect the design of the building.

Suggest components that, as much as possible, minimize construction costs.





I bring an Architects’ viewpoint to Title 24 calculations.

A number of Energy Consultants are Mechanical, Professional or Structural Engineers. Their background involves a focus on specialized areas of a building, and many bring that to the Title 24 table.

Architects are generalists. I’m an Architect, so I ask: “If I had designed this project, how would I want my Title 24 consultant to approach compliance?” Title 24 is less flexible than in the past, but before I delete your West-facing windows, I’ll look for other alternatives. My goal is not only to respect your design; I also look for compliance options that have a lower impact on construction costs.

  • If you go to my DESIGN TIPS tab, you’ll see some suggestions that I offer you that help before you start your design.

  • In the FORMS tab, there are Project Intake Forms that can also be used early in your design process to confirm what types of wall, roof and other components will be acceptable in the various climate zones in which your projects are located. They’re downloadable and free. You can have a copy on your office computer as well as one on your laptop when you’re meeting a potential client.

  • If you go to the NEWSLETTERS tab, you’ll find all my newsletters to date for the 2016 Energy Standards. I wrote them as a condensed reference for my own use, then modified them to serve my clients. This round of newsletters will end by August, 2017; For upcoming newsletters, you can check the website periodically, or sign-up to receive them via my email list on the CONTACT page. Please feel free to copy the .pdfs for personal use.

  • My office is one-person; I don’t use subcontractors. You’ll be dealing directly with the owner of the business; I’ll be be providing your calculations and answering your questions.

  • My specialty is single-family residences—additions, alterations, new construction and multifamily. I can also provide Non-residential calculations for tenant-improvements involving Envelope, Mechanical, Indoor Lighting and Outdoor lighting.





I’m a graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture.

After graduation, I came to San Diego and passed my licensing exam (C-17875). Several years later, I began providing Title 24 full-time. Though I no longer practice Architecture, I maintain my license by taking the required ADA seminars every two years. Even though my career has taken a different path, I worked too hard to get the license to just let it go, which benefits my Title 24 clients.



Training and Qualifications


As an Architect and an Energy Consultant I believe in the value of continuing education.  I regularly attend workshops and trainings to stay updated on the current—and future—California Building Energy Efficiency Standards for both residential and nonresidential buildings. Below is a list of training seminars I’ve attended over the years:


2017: 2016 Standards in force

  • Residential High Performance Attics and Walls

  • Multi Family Buildings

  • Advanced Energy Pro for 2016 Residential

  • Advanced Energy Pro for 2016 Nonresidential.

  • 2016 Residential Standards for Energy Consultants.


  • Standards changes for 2016


  • Advanced Energy Pro for 2013 Residential

  • Advanced Energy Pro for 2013 Nonresidential

2014: 2013 Standards in force

  • HVAC for beginners.

  • 2013 Title 24 Residential.

  • 2013 Title 24 Essentials—Residential Standards for Energy Consultants.

  • 2013 Nonresedential Mechanical Requirements, Lighting Standards, Envelope.

  • Human and Environmental Factors.

  • 2013 Lighting Sections.

  • The Circadian Connection—Human Health and Energy Efficient Lighting Applications, Parts 1 & 2.

  • The Path to Zero Net Energy Commercial Buildings—Envelope.


  • Zero Net Energy Series—Residential Deep Energy Retrofits, Parts 1&2.

  • 2013 Title-24 Residential and Non-Residential—What’s New?

  • Manual D—Duct Design basics for HERS Raters.

  • 2008 Residential Standards Essentials for Energy Consultants.

  • 2008 Residential Title 24 Modeling Essentials.

  • 2013 Residential Standards Overview. HVAC, QII, Solar Ready, Lighting.


  • Packet Unit Air Conditioning.

  • 2008 Nonresidential Standards Essentials for Energy Consultants

  • 2013 Energy Standards Update. 

2011: 2008 Standards still in force

  • Sustainable Building Envelopes. 

  • Sustainable architecture without the architects. 

  • Nonresidential Outdoor Lighting Design & Compliance 2008 standards.